Build multi-phased campaigns, all centered around “response indicators.”

Here’s what this means:

In every sales situation, there’s always an action or series of actions a prospect typically takes before he buys.

We call these actions “response indicators”, and they are the key to your success.

Example: In a car-buying scenario, people rarely buy a car without first taking it out for a test drive.

Therefore, the test drive is the response indicator.

This is why when you go to a car dealership, the salesman’s first priority is to get you to take the test drive.

Here’s how this applies to you.

Let’s say you’re sending traffic to a page that advertises a free report in exchange for the prospect’s email.

And let’s assume that in order for the prospect to trust you enough to buy, he needs to read the very report he’s opted in for.

The act of him reading your report is the “response indicator” in this example.

Shocking Statistics Reveal Major Opportunity

Research shows that over 50% of prospects never go and access the information they opt in for.

They’re basically saying “no” to the very thing they just requested from you.

And this means your chances of making the sale are immediately cut in half because statistically speaking, half of your prospects never made it through the first “response indicator”.

The way you cure this is by creating sequences in your campaigns who’s sole purpose is to simply move your prospect from one response indicator to the next …until he buys.

And they way you do that is to …