Kodak Animated Explainer Videos

Kodak needed a series of animated explainer videos to educate clients and parters on their capture solutions

The Client: Kodak Alaris embraces change and discovers innovative ways to think about what’s possible. Their custom solutions uniquely combine imaging science, artificial intelligence and advanced process automation to turn clutter into clarity and data into power.

That’s how they bring digital transformation to business and life—transforming the present and inventing the future. They make businesses run faster, governments run smarter and give consumers what they want before they know they want it.

Challenges: As a global leader in document capture technology, Kodak offers two comprehensive solutions for businesses to better capture, process, and manage digital content. Both Kodak Capture Pro and Info Input Solutions needed marketing content to educate and differentiate between the two.

Partners could then leverage this important content within their own marketing campaigns and share the unique benefits of each document capture technology to their audiences.


Kodak Alaris


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Kodak Capture Pro Video

Info Input Solutions Video

What They Say…

“…working with someone like Clint who knows our industry really helps streamline the process, he hits the nail on the head!”

– Joseph Odore, Global Marketing Manager

Partners could leverage these explainer videos to share the unique benefits to their audiences

The perfect solution? Animated explainer videos. By crafting these engaging, dynamic visuals, Kodak Alaris could give viewers a quick but comprehensive overview of both their solutions, empowering clients and partners to make an informed decision on the technology that best fit their needs.

Kodak Alaris created a bold and vibrant marketing campaign with vivid visuals and graphic designs that gave their branding a fresh, modern look. These graphic designs were later used in their video project, creating a cohesive style throughout the entire campaign. Kodak Alaris ensured that their marketing strategy was in line with their on-brand style, with an eye-catching combination of visuals and audio that worked to keep the attention of their viewers.

The Results

Creating two animated explainer videos that clearly differentiated Kodak’s capture solutions was a highly successful venture. Clients and resellers were able to quickly comprehend the nuances of each solution, including how they operated and which option would be the most beneficial for their needs.

The explainer videos gave users an overview of the key benefits, and as a result, increased both user adoption and customer loyalty. Kodak continues to grow and take marketshare within the document capture market using both channel and direct sales strategies.

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