What Started It All…

How we discovered the key to
software marketing by simply asking

Asking a simple question

As I sat at the table sharing lunch with a client to celebrate another successful software implementation, I asked a simple question.

After presenting several viable options, I noticed a pattern forming when it came to clients making their final decision.

Call after call, deal after deal…these clients all seemed to favor certain software solutions without the need for persuasion, pushiness or coaxing of any sort.

“Can I ask you one thing?” I questioned as the waitress briefly interrupted our conversation to refill drinks. “What made you choose this specific solution out of the other options we shared with you?” we both gazed at the waitress as she dropped off the check before floating over to the next table.

“It was easy,” the clients face lit up, “because it’s made specifically for our industry!” That’s where the pattern transformed into a lightbulb.

Challenges you face

No other industry seems to have such a challenging time when it comes to marketing.

Is it from the lack of options? No, it’s actually the polar opposite. There are so many choices in todays market that it becomes overwhelming for prospects that are out there looking for help.

And with something physically intangible, you face an uphill battle when trying to paint the picture for your prospects.

Natually, the development of sofware is a complicated journey that take countless hours and resources to create. At the end of that journey, this complexity carries over to the marketing side.

Software does so much these days, the difficult part is wrapping it up with a nice bow for prospects.

This means creating content and media that serves your ideal buyers needs well before they even speak with you.

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