stop hiding the answers your prospects are looking for

When new prospects visit your website, they have 5 questions in their mind that determine if they should keep digging or just leave.

Why Ignoring these questions is a huge marketing mistake

Getting new visitors to your website is a huge undertaking. You’ve spend time and money to get new eyeballs on your website. Why go through all this effort, simply to leave them hanging? In fact, worse than leaving them hanging…you’re encouraging them to head over to your competitors.

The fact is, prospects that visit your website are looking for help. Unfortunately, they don’t want to talk to you until they know you can help them. They’re going through an internal checklist of questions as a first step. They want to see if it’s even worth it to reach out to you.

Whether you can help them or not, the decisions they make are done without your consent. The key is to answer the 5 Foundation questions at that exact moment in time. Are these questions about how long you’ve been in business? No, far from it. There’s a deeper series of questions they’re using. Ignore them and you can pretty much hand these prospects over to your biggest competitors.

#1: Do you really understand my problem?

How does a client know that your software can solve their specific challenges? Most companies must feel this comes down to bragging about yourself. If you’re website spends more time highlighting how great you are, this is a problem.

Prospects want to see content and examples that show you understand what they’re facing. How’s this done? Plus, how do you share this information before even getting a chance to speak with them? 

#2: How does your software solve my problem?

Do you love endless feature lists? How about showing off technical specs that will make your head spin? What sounds impressive to you will aggravates your best prospects.

That’s because they want to know how your software can solve there specific problem, not how technical it is. Most software companies suffer from this same issue and overwhelm their prospects with so much technical jargon that they run for help…to your competition.




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What makes Slingfly different?

Focus. There’s so much marketing noise out there, it’s almost impossible for you to know where to start.

What works? What should I do next? What’s a waste of time?

We clarify your marketing strategy and keep you on target. And, since we focus on the software industry…we know how your best prospects behave.

It all adds up to more growth without wasting your time. 

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