Strategy for consistent growth focused on both new and existing clients

What Is S.A.N.D?

Have you ever played a boardgame and used one of those sandtimers? Once you flip it over, the sand constantly moves down without much intervention from the players. 

In fact, even if you’re not watching it…when you take another look, progress has been made while the players focus on the game.

That’s how S.A.N.D works. It’s a strategy that helps grow your marketing based on a proven set of activities targeting both new and existing clients – allowing you to focus on your business. 

How It Works

Reaching clients and prospects from all angles



Your ideal prospects are searching online for solutions you already offer. Problem is, they don’t know you exist.

Putting the right search engine strategy in place gets you in front of those prospects activly looking for help.


Targeted advertising is key to reaching new clients based on their undustry, company and location.

These ads can be ran on a number of trusted platforms your prospects are already using on a daily basis.



If you have an existing list of clients and prospects, sending newsletters is an effective method for increasing sales.

When done properly, you can educate and share the right content that leads to increased sales while building trust.


Measuring and making adjustments when needed is a key aspect of this stratey.

It helps to take advantage of opportunities and pivot as needed, all based on data.

What Clients Say...

“SlingFly has completely revamped our brand through amazing content creation and genuine storytelling that people love.”

They deliver high quality content and understand the capture industry well…”

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