Although part of your content creation strategy involves writing articles and blog posts, how do you choose the topics you write about?

Not only does the right topic showcase your knowledge, but from an online marketing prospective, having the right content can drive more the right type of visitor to your website that’s already interested in the topic you chose.

Deciding on a topic can sometimes be frustrating and even prevent you from writing at all. You can get inspiration from all sorts of places, such as industry websites, videos, industry news or even from real world scenarios you and your team experience.

How do you choose your topic?

There’s a very useful tool that you can put to use that uncovers what your audience is already looking for online. Doesn’t it make sense to create content that your prospects are actively hunting for?

Content is hard enough to create, why put all that effort into writing an article or blog that doesn’t interest your core audience. There’s a way to fix that!

Here is a tool that works (and how)

Answer the Public is a free, visual keyword and content idea tool that anyone can put to use. With a simple search, it uncovers a wide range of search data based on the Google auto-suggest feature.

Even better, Anser the Public visually displays this information in easy to read “wheels” broken apart by who, what, when, why, how…you get the point.

In fact, you can even view suggestions based on other results besides questions, for example prepositions and comparisons. Let’s run through a quick example and demonstrate how useful this tool can be for your creative process.

Best way to use it

In this example, let’s say you’re writing content for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) topic. In the search, we’ll simply type “ERP software”.

You will see a large circular chart below in the results, consisting of a wide range of search topics real users have been looking for in droves.

You can see by combining a few of these, you now have the seeds for your next blog or article. This gives you some creative juices and gives a head start when it comes to writing for your online marketing content creation.

How to plan for scale

Thankfully, they allow you to download all of the results which can be grouped together in logical lists for your next series of projects.

While some of the topics may not be right for your specific content, a majority of the information is a huge head start that you and your team can use.

Content creation can be a challenge when it comes to topics, but using the right tools can help kickstart your creative process and keep you on track!