ABBYY: Fuels SQL boost by 900% with innovative video content

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The intelligent automation solutions at ABBYY use AI that is purpose-built for the enterprise—created with customers and their specific goals in mind. They help enterprises turn their data into intelligence, and intelligence into outcomes.

For over 35 years, ABBYY has developed a time-tested approach to innovation with cutting-edge technology that transforms organization.

The Challenge

Although ABBYY is known for their advanced PDF and intelligent capture solutions, they had a corporate initiative to expand their Developer Toolkit and OCR API technology. These initiatives were two fold, as the journey from testing to purchase involved ideal client profiles in both developer and corporate oversight seats.

It was essential that the right marketing strategy included innovate content that would serve the needs of all those involved in the purchase and adoption. Highly technical content was required by the developer ICP, while business case content for C-level client profiles. All of this content had to be seamless, engaging, and on brand in order for a successful campaign.

…they drive a record number of visitors to our website, deliver high quality content and understand our industry well."


As part of the overall campaign, as series of animated explainer videos were produced under tight deadlines. The subject matter and visuals were designed in order to engage both client profiles in order to attract trials and pilot programs among developers. 

These innovated videos included a mixed media approach that showcased the functionality of the developer toolkits in real world scenarios, acting as fuel for use cases enterprise organizations could included within their existing mobile applications.


This series of engaging video content an essential part of multiple marketing campaigns. These campaigns ranged from partner activations within the existing ABBYY ecosystem, as well as net new qualified lead through SEO and paid media channels.

The end results allowed ABBYY to boost sales qualified leads by 900%. This included half a million video views that led to growing the product base nearly ten fold.

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