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How Explainify Increased Sales by 471% in Two Years

Client: Explainify
Industry: Media, Content Creation
Location: Fayetteville, AR


Sales Growth in 2 Years


Increase in MQLs

Sales in 24 Months



As an animated video production company, Explainify helps the world’s top companies simplify and explain their story using the power of video. It’s not about dumbing things down – but researching to find clarity a clients core message.

Founded in 20011, they’ve helped everyone from web startups to Fortune 100 companies create stories that get people to care. 


With large growth targets in place and a production team to support it, Explainify was looking to invest in proven marketing programs from a trusted marketing agency. These programs would deliver the MQL’s and new customers needed to support such an expansion.

Not only would this include a range of online marketing campaigns, but also ongoing outreach to their existing client base. As an existing Hubspot user, they needed to leverage that investment to automate and improve the overall marketing and sales processes.

Explainify needed lead generation strategies that would integrate with Hubspot and deliver the MQL’s needed to hit expansion targets.


By starting with a phased approach, existing content and advertising campaigns were enhanced to quickly deliver results.

Online marketing initiatives were launched, including a modernization of the website, which helped further deliver the right message to ideal prospects.

A calculated decision was made to continually improve marketing efforts through scheduled content creation, search engine optimization and participation in key industry trade show events.

Fine tuning ad spend and campaign messaging was essential to getting their message in front of the right audience on a nationwide scale.


Ongoing content creation and online advertising efforts continually drove new leads into the pipeline. This allowed Webiplex to track record growth and improve efficiency and visibility within the sales process.

Webiplex was recently acquired by PairSoft as part of a strategic acquisition.

Highlights include:

21% Savings in Advertising Costs

31% Increase in Webster Visitors

42% Increase in Sales Leads

“Clint’s a software marketing pro that generated millions of dollars in sales with our HubSpot solution. Not only did Clint help us with our HubSpot, but his marketing expertise allowed us to get more value from our initial HubSpot investment to drive massive growth. He’s a fantastic marketing partner and is always ready to pitch new ideas for continued growth!”

Derek Gerber


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