How To Generate More Software Leads in 2021 (Part 1)

If 2020 taught us something about our business strategy, it may have exposed how reliant your lead generation and marketing is on face to face interactions.

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If 2020 taught us something about our business strategy, it may have exposed how reliant your lead generation and marketing is on face to face interactions.

With the virus cancelling every trade show under the sun, it forced software companies to seriously evaluate their digital marketing strategy over traditional methods.

Gone were the tried and true face-to-face meetings at the annual conferences. No more lunch and learns…although I’ve heard so much about those it seem like pulling teeth to get anyone to show up. Even the typical client check-in over lunch touch points were erased from our calendars.

No matter if your software company had already fully embraced online marketing, or you were dipping your toe in the water, it woke up just about every industry under the sun.

If you’re ready to plan your 2021 marketing initiatives, this three part series of articles will focus on proven methods to generate more leads for your software sales.

This article will focus on the first part, using a client-focused newsletter.

Upsell & Cross Selling Opportunities With Newsletters

Imagine you have unlimited time. Nothing on your schedule but to contact all of you existing clients one by one and check in with them.  If you’ve ever spoken to clients on a regular basis, all sorts of details come through.

They share upcoming projects and even brainstorm some ideas they’ve been thinking of in order to get your thoughts on it.

While there’s no such thing as unlimited time when your running a company, a digital newsletter gets you in front of you clients on a regular basis.

Plus, if you cringe when a client buys from a competitor because they “didn’t know you sold that too”…a newsletter helps squash that problem.

Peeking Behind The Newsletter Curtian

A customer focused newsletter will help you stay in routine communication with your clients and open up new opportunities. And we’re taking about a digital newsletter, not a printed version just to make sure we cover that part 🙂

Keep in mind, the idea in sending a newsletter for your software company is to provide a preview or snippet of the content, then let your clients click through and view the full content on your website.

Think of a newsletter as a movie preview. There’s a few short clips that tell viewers what’s coming, or what’t out now.

When you think of movie previews, they’re never all the same. Some are action, then comes drama and a horror or two thrown in.

Just like your clients, the movie audience has different interest levels and topics they are interested in.

By adding variations into your newsletter, you can speak conversation with clients that are in a wide range of interest on their end too.

How To S.T.O.P. Using Boring Content 

The number one reason most software companies hesitate when it comes to sending out a newsletter is – they don’t know what to send. Have you hit this roadblock?

We created a system called S.T.O.P that helps unlock your creative ideas, when it comes to newsletters. It consists of the following type of content:

S: Successful project or client case study

T: Testimonial from a happy customer

O: Opportunity, ok you can sell a little

P: Presentation or educational information

There are several tools you can use for a newsletter, I personally really like HubSpot and how their tool works. These tools report on which clients are opening and clicking on your newsletter, offering valuable insights for followup.

But, what about reaching new prospects that don’t even know about you?

Stay tuned for the next article in the series where we focus on reaching prospects already looking for help…

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