Kodak: Animated Video Content For Flagship Capture Products

Kodak Alaris is a global technology company delivering value to businesses and consumers all over the world through two core business units. Their data capture and processing solutions make businesses and government agencies run faster and smarter.

With award-winning software, document scanners, and industry-leading services, Kodak automates and simplifies business processes to accelerate results.

The Challenge

Kodak has multiple capture and data processing solutions. The challenge was to craft an animated explainer video for tow of these solutions, Kodak Capture Pro and Info Input Solutions.

Not only would these videos be used by marketing and sales enablement within Kodak, but also by their loyal partner channel. These videos needed to drive home the value proposition in a visual style that matched existing branding.

Working with Clint has been a great experience, especially his knowledge within the software space. Clint’s flexibility, creativity and knowledge of the capture software space all lead to a great working experience. ”


The decision was made to produce an animated video using branded storytelling for each of their two products. Graphics, colors, and styling cues were taken from existing campaigns in order to ensure the videos paired well with the Kodak brand.

These videos highlighted the benefits of each solution, while describing the business process advantages of each both in script and animation.


The final videos were a creative and visual mix of storytelling that drove the key points home.

Although the original videos were produced in English, these videos were also translated into six additional languages. This opened the door for additional marketing and content campaigns around the globe.

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